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Employment History

September 2015 - Present: Skycatch

CMDR Mobile for Skycatch drones

Just as CMDR Mobile for DJI drones, this app has the same core functionalities but it is built to be compatible with Skycatch drones.

Skycatch drones use Mavlink, the Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol, to connect an android device to a drone and 3D Robotics DroneKit SDK to handle that layer on the application.

The current state of the app is available to clients via a device management system. I’m in charge of the Android development both the UI and logic within the app.

CMDR Mobile for DJI drones

CMDR is an android native mobile app for planning and executing missions with DJI drones. Through CMDR the user can collect information, in the form of photos, from a specific geographical area. The way this works is the user draws the desired area in a map, uploads this to the drone that is connected to the device via usb radio, commands the drone to execute the flight and monitors the progress until the drone comes back to the take-off point.

The current state of the app is available for beta testers and compatible with DJI drones only. I’m in charge of the Android development of the app, both the UI and the logic of the app itself.

November 2013 - September 2015: Agave Lab


Avisora is an iOS, Android and Web social network that allows people to report day-to-day problems they encounter in any of the four categories Environment, City, Security and Driving. The objective of this platform is to create a link between the problems that citizens face and the proper governments departments to solve these issues. Users can create reports, subscribe to other reports, add photos and comment in order to create a consciousness about the situations that surround our city.

Currently I’m in charge of the Android development for Avisora that is developed in native Android using Android Studio, plus some libraries like Volley for HTTP requests and Google play services, among others.

Agave Lab website

Agave Lab is a mobile and web apps development agency located in Guadalajara. I developed their webpage using HTML, CSS and Javascript so that clients could see the current and all the projects the agency has worked with.

Gaggle: Safe, Online Teaching and Learning Tools for K-12

Gaggle is an iOS App aimed to students and teachers; its objective is to create the experience of a classroom in a mobile application for online students.

I worked with a small team developing the Android version by reverse engeneering the server from the client. Gaggle for Android was developed in native Android using Eclipses Android SDK.

WebPT: Physical Therapy Software

WebPT is a tablet app for phisical therapy clinics, in order to have a better control of the patients and a more efficient intake of data.

I developed and managed the test server for this service using Nodejs and PostgreSQL.

Other Projects

January 2017 – Present: President of Communities commision at Coordinating Council of entrepreneur women (CCMJ from its acronym in spanish)

This council was formed as an effort to join the initiatives from public and private organizations, in order to inspire more women to create their own businesses and connect the already entrepreneur women with key allies.

My role in this council is to be the bridge between technological communities and the public sector.

November 2015 – April 2016: Coding Club at Centro Educativo Koala A.C.

This project is based on’s program 1 Hour of Code and the objective is to teach children the basics of coding and problem solving, in order to help them improve their daily decisions and performance. I truly believe that doesn’t matter if you get to be a developer or programmer, but if you know the basics of coding you will have more tools to take decisions and solve problems.

March 2015 – Present: Hackers and Founders WOMEN

Hackers and Founders is a global community that helps entrepreneurs and founders so that more startups succeed. Guadalajara started about 4 years ago having H/F chapters but we noticed that only 5% percent of the attendants were women. So we decided that H/F Women needed to be created in order to attract more women to be entrepreneurs and be involved with technologies. We firmly believe that Diversity is the seed for innovation, if you limit the people solving problems to be only men or women, people from one specific country or background you are also limiting the amount of solutions you can provide.

February 2013 - January 2014: PáginaDos

Co-Founded PáginaDos which was an online platform to sell and buy academic books. I set the database for the users, the web platform and online catalog.

August 2010 - November 2010: Fundación HACE

Worked with Fundación HACE, for social service at ITESM. The objective was to develop an app for autistic children using Arduino and a touch lcd screen, to allow them to communicate with others through images.


Ingeniero Tecnologías Electronicas

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey ITESM

August 2010 - May 2015



This is a methodology created in Freshout and based on the scientific method used to solve problems. This process follows a series of steps that are: discovery of a problem or turning the task you have into a problem that needs to be solved, the definition of the problem you previously specified and creation of a theory to solve it, next is the documentation and further specification of the proposed solution based on prototypes and research and finally the implementation and analysis of results.
















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